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  • Product name: T & H sensor module, digital signal output
  • Product profile: The original imported temperature and humidity sensor as the core components, with high precision measurement, fast response, anti-interference ability, long-term stability and good features; small size, light weight, easy to install and maintain;
  • Product number: D048
  • Shelf time: 2017-06-03
  • Product grade: Commercial grade
  • Output signal: Digital signal
  • Detection type:
  • Environmental Quality: Temperature and humidity
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Product parameters:

Operating voltage: DC 2.2-5.5V

Humidity measurement range: 0 --- 100% RH

Humidity measurement accuracy: ± 4.5% RH

Temperature measurement range: -40 --- 123.8

Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.5

Digital signal output

Size: Length 21mm X Width 10mm X Height 11mm

Applications: Data Collectors, Transmitters, Automation Process Control, Automotive Industry, Building Control & HVAC, Electricity, Metrology Testing, Pharmaceuticals;

  Working environment  
  Working voltage
  Working current
  Working temperature
  Working humidity
  Storage temperature
  Storage humidity
  Basic parameters  
  Detection of substances
  Detection range
  Output signal
  Response time
  Reply time
  Gas detection  
  Measuring gas
  Measuring range
  Measurement accuracy
  Clean the voltage in the air
  Warm up time
  Dust detection  
  Measuring range
  Measurement accuracy
  Particle diameter resolution
  Serial data output frequency
  Temperature and humidity  
  Temperature detection range
  Temperature measurement accuracy
  Temperature output mode
  Humidity detection range
  Humidity measurement accuracy
  Humidity output mode
  UV detection  
  Response wavelength
  Peak wavelength range
  Light intensity detection  
  Measuring range
  Measurement accuracy
  Installation method
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