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  • Product name: 8-way relay module solid state DC12/24V NPN output
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  • Product number: R80D
  • Shelf time: 2018-06-06
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Product Name: Eight high-level Omron relay module
Dimensions: length 87mm * width 72mm * height 22mm (module only); length 93mm * width 80mm * height 55mm (with base).
1, with output signal indication;
2, can be directly connected to the microcontroller output;
3, the use of high-quality relays, long service life;
4, with diode freewheeling protection;
5, the response time is less than 20 milliseconds;
6, the long life of the relay can continuously pull 100,000 times;
7. The external connection adopts the rotary crimping terminal to make the wiring more firm;
8, with a fixed mounting hole to facilitate the installation;
9, this module can only be connected to the AC load, can not be connected to the DC load.
1. Input signal: NPN / PNP (NPN is the common power source driving power PNP is the common power ground power source is driving)
2. Coil voltage: DC 12V / DC 24V
3, rated current: 2A
  Basic parameters  
  Operating Voltage
  Rated current
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